Zvari Home: How to decorate your home

Decorating your home can take a lot of time and energy. Plus, it can also be daunting since there are a lot of decorations to choose from. While most people already know what they want their house to look like, there are still a few factors that need to be considered. 

From the paint to the style and the furniture you want to have, everything is part of the overall decorations. Take a look at some tips Zvari Home has when decorating your room.

Start with your bedroom

It’s best to always start with the place where you’ll be spending a lot of your time and that would be your bedroom. Your first item should be your beddings. You can choose a few beddings that you would regularly use since they will be a part of your room’s overall look. Once you’ve chosen a few beddings, the next easiest decoration you can add is to paint your room. You paint it to match your beddings but take note of the other beddings you chose too.

If you still have the budget, get some curtains for your window. Not only do they give your room accents but they also help you out with getting natural light in. If you’re an early riser, choose ones that are of a lighter colour and a bit thinner to let some light in. If you’re a late sleeper, best to choose thick curtains that can block out the light from coming through. 

Don’t buy everything at once

It’s easy to get tempted to buy several items for decorating your house and sometimes, you don’t notice that it’s too much already. Sometimes, you might also have the right decoration in your house, just placed in the wrong room. Before you start decorating, try to live in your new house for a while just to see how everything is.

Once you’ve lived for a few months maybe, you might see other sections of the house that might need renovating. You can then use that budget you have for buying decor and furniture to have that section fixed instead. 

You might also want to try placing some of your furniture from one room into another. You never know, a coffee table you have in your living room might look great in your bedroom too.

Always look for inexpensive solutions

You bought a house and you noticed that the cabinets are rickety and the paint is peeling off. Or you might’ve noticed that the door in the upstairs bedroom is squeaky and not closing properly. Instead of calling in someone to repair them, take a look first if you can do some first aid.

You can check the cabinets if there’s a screw loose, then remove the old paint and apply a new coat. It’s a great way to change the colour to the one you prefer. The door upstairs might just need some good oiling on the hinges and it should stop the squeaking and close properly. This way, you can use your budget for something else that might need more attention.

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