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Getting a new house can be exciting, especially since what you have is a clean slate. You can decorate it in any way you want with only your imagination being your limit. Whether you want to use a specific theme to decorate or just use the pieces of furniture you like and combine them in an unorthodox way, you’re free to try it in any way you want.

You can choose anything you want to have in your house. From the colour of the walls to the type of furniture, it’s all about what you want. 

Here at Zvari Home, our goal is to be your main source of furniture, lighting options and fixtures that you need. We also have a diverse staff to help you find the pieces you want for your house.

About us

Zvari Home is your source of home decorations. Whether you’re looking for new furniture for your new home or looking to update them, we’ve got it for you. 

Here at Zvari Home, we offer a variety of furniture make and styles to match any kind of theme you want your house to have. Be it rustic wood and metal furniture and decorations or victorian style furniture, you can find them in our store.

Moreover, we offer different kinds of lighting options to illuminate and decorate your home. From gorgeous ceiling lights to floor and table lamps, even strips of LED lights to provide accents. You can find any lighting needs in our store.

We strive to be one of the best sources of home furniture and decorations. As such, we made sure to partner with different companies to provide you with some of the best home decorations. We also partnered with some of the well-known furniture companies so that we can provide a variety of pieces that will suit your needs and match the themes you decide on.

Our staff

Zvari has a diverse and friendly staff to help you choose the right furniture and decorations for your home. You can provide what theme you want for your house and our friendly staff will be glad to guide you to the correct section or provide you with a catalogue of furniture and lighting options.

We also have in-house interior designers that will be glad to assist you in fulfilling the theme and design you want for your house. You can tell them what theme you want, how you want to use a section of your home and what kind of ambience you want it to have. They’ll be glad to recommend to you the right pieces of furniture and lighting.

Visit our store

We’re open daily so you can visit us any time to check out what we have to offer. You can also check our website for the products we offer and order or reserve pieces from there. That way, when you come by to pick up your purchase, it will be ready when you arrive, no need to wait long!

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